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5 Orlando Divorce Statistics You Never Knew

Orlando is known as one of the happiest cities in the United States thanks to the family-oriented entertainment such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. However, did you know, as of 2013, Orlando has a divorce rate of over 13 percent? That is over three percent higher than the United States average of 10 percent.

How does Orlando stack up against the rest of the state?

In 2010, The Daily Beast ranked the top 50 cities with the highest divorce rates. Out of those 50 cities, 12 of those were in Florida (24 percent). Four of these Florida cities were ranked in the top 10!

Top Florida Cities Divorce Rate (Percent of population who is divorced)

City                            2010       2013      2013 Pop.  Divorced Pop.
1. Panama City        15.5%    16.5%   36,877        6,084
6. Deltona                13.5%     14.0%    86,290        12,080
8. Palm Bay             13.3%     13.9%    104,898      14,580
9. Jacksonville        13.0%     13.2%    842,584      111,221
17. Port St. Lucie    12.2%     12.4%.   171,016        21,205
26. Miami                12.5%     13.1%     417,650       54,712
27. Bradenton         12.9%     15.5%    51,76.           38,023
29. Orlando             11.9%     13.4%    255,483       34,234
32. Homosassa S.  12.5%     14.8%    13,790          12,041
35. Tampa               13.5%    12.0%    352,957        42,354
42. Cape Coral.      11.6%     12.4%    165,831        20,563
49. Ocala                 11.5%     15.9%    57,468          9,137

*Cities in bold are in the Orlando Metropolitan Area*

From 2010 to 2013, the divorce rates in most of the Floridian cities on The Daily Beast’s list increased, with the lone exception being Tampa.

How does Orlando stack up against the rest of the United States?

• 13.04% of people in Orlando are divorced, 2.29% above the United States average
• 22.93% of people in Orlando are married with children, 9.6% below the national average
• 35.05% of people in Orlando are married with no children, 6.09% below the national average
• 27.50% of people in Orlando are single with children, 10.62% above the national average

What can you take away from these statistics? People in Orlando have a high divorce rate, which means that there are more single people with children. There is a direct correlation between the aforementioned stats and the fact that married people with children is nearly 10% below the national average.

Even though Orlando is nicknamed, “The City of Beautiful” when it comes to its divorce rate, it is somewhat messy.

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