New Research Links Divorce With Increase Of Stroke

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Divorce linked to health risks
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avoid getting a divorce researchers have found a link between divorce and a person’s risk for having a stroke. The study presented at the 3rd European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC) 2017 shows that this increased risk affects men more than women.

The study draws a link between this increased stroke risk and the stress that results from the divorce process. Research also indicates that married people tend to have a lower risk for stroke which is why I am one of the few divorce advocates I know who actually explore the possibility of my divorce clients getting back together and dropping the case.

What can someone going through a divorce do to try to reduce their risk for negative health effects of divorce? Since the negative health effects of divorce are related to stress stemming from divorce then it will be important to try to incorporate activities that help manage and reduce stress such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and regular meditation.

As we know some of us are more prone to stress than others such as those with anxiety, depression, or other diagnosed issues. If you fall into this category then it is important to be honest with your treating physician about what is going on in your life as your treating mental health professional can be a great resource for constructive ideas for dealing with stressful events such as divorce.

The best way to avoid the negative health effect of divorce is always to avoid the divorce in the first place. As I said before I am one of the few divorce lawyers who advocates for married couples to stay together and will be posting soon a series on how couples can have a better shot at making marriage last. I am really excited about this upcoming series on avoiding divorce so check back with us often.


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