There are many complex issues in divorce cases that an experienced advocate can help with.

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Child Support

Get help from an Orlando child support attorney who can get you a fair result in your case.

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Department of Revenue

Get assistance in defending your case from an accomplished Orlando DOR child support attorney.

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Child Custody

Get assistance and information on child custody issues such as Father’s Rights and Parental Alienation.

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Father’s Rights

Learn how you can receive 50/50 time-sharing and fair judgement during your Orlando child custody case.

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Parental Alienation

Seek help from an experienced lawyer to face the challenges of a parental alienation case.

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Our expert paternity establishment attorney can help you define and enact your parental rights.

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Learn about child relocation laws and practices from one of our experienced attorneys in Orlando, FL.

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“Every attorney’s main goal should be to strategically work the case up in a way to maximize the chances of getting a favorable settlement for the client.”



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